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Curtailment (Early return)

Please submit originals of all of the following - photocopies are not acceptable. We recommend that you keep copies of everything you send us for your own records

  • The booking invoice for your trip to confirm the full costs, deposits paid and date of booking
  • Evidence of any refund from the airline or travel agent
  • All tickets, including unused and additional tickets. Please note however reimbursement for travel costs is based on either unused costs or additional costs, not both
  • Correspondence from your tour operator in confirmation of the total cost of the unused portion of your holiday (if available)
  • If the claim is due to bereavement, we will need to see the death certificate which will of course be returned

Please read these important notes:

  • When curtailing for medical reasons, it is essential that the medical certificate on the form is completed since we are only able to assess the validity of the claim when each of the specific questions is answered. This should be completed by the GP of the person whose illness necessitated your early return - either your own GP or the GP of your relative
  • If the claim is due to bereavement, we will still require this medical information
  • If you curtailed your holiday because of your own health, you must also provide documentation from the doctor who treated you abroad, stating why it was medically necessary for you to return home
  • Failure to provide this may invalidate your claim
  • The policy excess as defined in your policy will be deducted from each and every claim per insured person. In some cases your claim may fall under more than one section- consequently more than one excess may be deducted
  • Claim payments can be made by cheque or BACS transfer, which takes much less time. Do not forget to include your IBAN number on the claim form as without it we cannot process your electronic payment.
  • When the claim is settled we will provide a full breakdown of our assessment

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