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Home Repair Assistance

If you require on site emergency assistance of domestic contractor please telephone our 24 hour emergency helpline on 046 9077358 (if calling from abroad: 00 353 46 77358). This telephone number is for Vhi Home Claims assistance only. This service is provided up to 7 days from return to Ireland, terms and conditions conditions apply, see below

Please submit original invoice for repair work from contractor when submitting your claim to us.

If you suffer unexpected events during your trip or within 7 days following your return home involving your home which necessitates immediate remedial action to render the Home safe or secure, avoid damage or further damage or restore the main services. We will despatch a repairer chosen from Our national database of approved tradesmen, to assess the situation and carry out firstaid work, in the event of:

  • Burst pipes or sudden leakage likely to cause damage to the Home or its contents;
  • Break-in or vandalism, compromising the security of the Home;
  • Storm damage causing ingress of water or likely to cause further loss or damage to the Home or its contents;
  • Impact damage by falling tree, or by a vehicle or plane or aerial debris;
  • Failure of Your domestic water mains supply,Your gas supply, electricity (on the domestic side of the supply authority's main fuse), blockage or breaking or flooding of drains or sewers;
  • A smashed toilet bowl or cistern, or breakage of the cistern's internal mechanism which prevents flushing;
  • Subsidence or heave or landslip causing sudden damage allowing water to enter or compromising the security of Your Home by breaking external windows, doors or their frames.

For each claim we will pay up to a maximum of €400 (including VAT), for immediate repairs to stabilise the situation and remove the emergency or to restore the normal operation of services, comprising call-out, labour, parts and/or materials. What is not covered:

  • Dripping taps.
  • Burst or leaking flexible hoses or leaking washing appliances which You can isolate with a stop tap.
  • Slow seepage from joints or gaskets which does not involve a sudden escape of water.
  • The results of hard water scaling deposits.
  • Dripping overflows.
  • fBlockage of soil or waste pipes from sinks, basins, bidets, baths or showers.
  • Blocked or misaligned guttering.
  • Damage to boundary walls, hedges, fences and gates.
  • Malfunctioning or blockage of septic tanks.
  • Failure of any part of a central heating system, a warm air unit or a water heater. However, this exclusion shall not apply to burst pipes or sudden leakage likely to cause damage to the Home or its contents.
  • Air locks or water hammer in central heating piping or radiators.
  • Breakage of internal glass or of any basin, bath, bidet or shower base.
  • Failure of any services where the problem is situated outside the boundary of the plot of land on which Your Home is situated or beyond the part of the sole or shared supply system or piping for which You are legally responsible.
  • The cost of effecting permanent repairs once the immediate emergency situation has been resolved, including any redecoration or making good the fabric of the Home.
  • Damage to Home contents.
  • Anything mentioned in the "General Exclusions".

Homecall Referral

If Your Home suffers damage during Your Trip, which is not covered by the Travel Homecare Section, We can still arrange for a repairer from Our list of approved tradesmen to contact You. You will be responsible for the payment of all charges associated with effecting the repair, including any call-out fee. You should arrange to pay the repairer at the time the work is carried out.

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